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About DynWalls.com


I create Dynamic Wallpapers for new macOS Mojave and share them for free at http://dynwalls.com.

I put my Time, Effort, Passion and Love into this wallpapers and share them for Free on my website.

I want to be able to dedicate more time to this, but I have wife, small baby and main job projects. All of this takes 120% of my time :)

You can help to make this possible by supporting me and thus show me that you need and like this kind of wallpapers.

To create true dynamic wallpapers i need 16 images that are made from the exact same place during all day from sunrise till sunset. Currently this is the biggest problem in whole creation process. It takes a lot of time and effort and that's why i need your help, to shoot this images.

Imagine Paris landscape in snow. Eiffel tower, cityscape and snow. Then Christmas lights appear here and there spreading the holiday spirit! I know, right!

My dream is to make it a part of my main job and to be able to travel to different superb and scenic cities and places all around the world to shoot all necessary images by myself so i can control all different aspects to make perfect wallpaper.

Thank you for you support and attention!
18% complete
I will make at least one new wallpaper every month when i reach 100$ per month. Probably it will be the space scene from NASA's archive. Yo will be able to change you dynamic wallpaper every month!
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