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About dzooworks

Hey, my name is dzoo. I make NSFW pictures/animations of my favorite video game characters. Feel free to check my animations and pictures:
Twitter (NSFW) Google Drive Archive to all my work (NSFW)

Since creating 3D related NSFW animations/pictures is not my full-time focus, money can be a determining factor for productivity, It can also help me financially.

  • Pledge if your sole intention is to support me financially, It will help me produce content more consistently.
  • Do not pledge if you want to see exclusive content. I want all my finished animations/pictures to be accessible by everyone. However, you will get some goodies such as early render/previews and stuff like that.

My Patreon page has "charge up front" enabled. This means you will be charged as soon as you pledge. If you edit your pledge to a different Tier, you will be charged the difference to your current pledge. Lowering your pledge will not result in a refund.

Everyone will be charged at the start of a new month.
If you want to become my Patreon and it's the end of the month, you might want to wait til the next month or you'll be charged for a month that's almost over.

You can use the charge up front as a way for one time donations. Sellect a Tier, Pledge, cancel, done!

Unfortunately, no amount of money will lead to weekly animation/picture releases/model releases. :(

Thank you for reading and regardless of whether or not you're a Patron, thanks a lot for your support and attention! :D

Have a good day,
$30 of $100 per month

Software expenses
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