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About Estéban Trujillo de Gutiérrez

Thank you for reading my books and essays!

Follow me on Facebook (when I am not suspended), or read my essays at My esoteric project is at I am currently posting excerpts from my Cicada Files there, interviews and other inputs to an historical analysis of the cypherpunk order. 

My esoteric essays are collected on You can download them or read them there free of charge. 

My first book, A Tale of the Grenada Raiders, is on Amazon, iBooks, and GooglePlay. You can read much of it free on GoogleBooks. A corrected 2d edition is underway, forthcoming in 2020 from all major publishers including Barnes & Noble. 

My next book is Metamorphosis: Forging an Airborne Ranger. Metamorphosis is available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks and GooglePlay. You can read much of this work free on GoogleBooks.

My third book is Revelation: A Screed on Dreams and Worlds Without End. Revelation is an essay on metaphysics, cosmogony, quantum physics, Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, the Apocrypha, Kabbalah, the Western Mystery Tradition, dreams within dreams and multiverses without end.

Revelation is available on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, iBooks, and GooglePlay. You can read Revelation in its entirety or download it free from GoogleBooks or from Revelation is a work of revelation, imparted to me by the Big Ranger in the Sky. Revelation was sent to me. I seek to make no money from it, and pilgrims who can benefit from it will encounter no obstacles accessing it. Revelation as a revealed text is now being read by seekers from across the globe.

All my books are military history, except for Revelation. That manuscript is a metaphysik. My forthcoming work on Cicada 3301 is an historical analysis of the cypherpunk order, using the tools of political science to reveal its organization, functions and goals. I make my books available on GoogleBooks so that you can preview them before you buy.

The anthology Tales of the Rangers will be published in 2021. Co-edited with Joseph Muccia, in two volumes, Tales of the Rangers is the oral histories of the early modern 2d Ranger Battalion, stories about airborne Rangers by airborne Rangers.

Your monthly patronage is crucial in helping me fund my work. I am deeply grateful to all my patrons, and I thank you. Tales of the Rangers is the book that the Ranger community wants. I think that you will like it. 

The Cicada Files conversely are works demanded by history. I deal in verifiable facts, sifting the daily detritus. This is a service for future historians, and for everyone mystified by one of the conundrums of our time. Cicada 3301 was a modern Delphic Oracle. 

Secure PGP communications via KeyBase:

You can also use KeyBase to send Bitcoin and Zcash, always appreciated.

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