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You caught me on my way to class, and I'm ranting at you about some book I just read, weird history, the stories running through my head, and other ephemera.  You're kind of into it, and you give me a dollar towards my next cup of tea, because like all professors, I'm better when I'm caffeinated.  I'm standing there holding this dollar and thinking you're pretty cool.

Access to written-for-Patreon flash fiction, academic book reviews, Victoriana explained, and nature pics.

In my Survey

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You’re tucked into your lecture hall seat watching me absolutely mangle the audio-visual equipment. You have faith that I know my material better than I know computers, and you dig all the loose change out of the bottom of your backpack to kick towards my projects. Your generosity keeps me from throwing the projector across the room.

Access to the above plus world-building segments, tea recommendations/reviews, and written-for-Patreon short stories.

In my Classroom

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You're in my classroom, and I'm clutching tea and passing around the day's readings and stuff I wrote when I was supposed to be answering emails.  You're into it, and you give me a couple bucks towards my groceries, because like all professors, I want to eat cave aged Gruyere and fancy grapes.  I'm making my grocery list and thinking, truly, you're alright.

Access to the above plus essays on writing fiction and doing history (method, theory, research, question formation, organization), deleted scenes, and kitchen/garden pics. 




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About EA Crawley

I'm a professional historian (PhD Modern British History/Science and Tech Studies), award-winning educator (Certification in the Philosophy and Teaching of History), and fantasy writer (Clarion West '19), hell-bent on creating pathways between all the things I love and connecting all my communities of practice.

Want to learn about archival research for fiction or non-fiction? How to use history to propel your world-building? How to use world-building techniques to write gorgeous narrative history? How to engage with theory and method in an accessible way?

Just want to read some cool fiction pieces?

Stick around! (And check out my blogs, too, linked through www.eacrawley.com)

Pronouns: They/them
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When I reach $350 a month, I can reduce my retail hours to four days a week instead of five, giving me more time to read, learn, build worlds, and share content.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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