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At this level you get my eternal gratitude. I understand that you could spend that dollar on a lot of other things (especially knowing how vast and delicious fast food dollar menus have become). Thank you for your support my dear "Earfoolian" friend. Dang it, now I'm thinking about spicy chicken sandwiches.

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At this level you have access to all episodes of the supplemental show, Hidden Tracks. A new episode will be uploaded once a month. You'll also have access to any and all of the occasional audio blogs that I randomly add (in which I do my best to tie in music in some way. Sometimes its a stretch... )





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About Earfool

Earfool, is an independent "Music History" podcast that delves deep into some of the most well known pop songs in history, as well as lesser known gems. I also cover subjects like, Urban Legends in music, animals in music, and local music history. 

My name is, Nathan Limon, and I live in San Antonio, TX, USA. I'm the youngest of 9 siblings who grew up loving music. It was good of them to share it with me, even though the genres often contradicted each other. My brothers were punks (and New Wavers... no shame there), my sisters were jamming on Disco, Golden Oldies, and Supertramp, and Mom loved soul and hated Dad's Country & Western. Music colored my earliest and most influential years. Because of this broad influence, my taste for music became wide and varying, sometimes to absurd degrees. But it's my understanding that variety is the spice of life. Now that I'm older, I don't question the boundaries of music, only its origins. That's what I do here on, Earfool.

Where did the idea for, 'Wild Thing' come from? Why does everyone think, Phil Collins', saw a person drown? Can an album full of whale songs make the Hot 100 Charts? Did, Rod Stewart, really dig graves as a kid? These questions and others like them are all answered within the current episodes of, Earfool.

Earfool is 100% independent, which is a blessing and a curse... But mostly its a good thing. I write, produce, and edit every episode. I also have a lot of fun creating 90% of the music used within the episodes. It's almost always a good time, but it can be difficult and time consuming. Especially with a day job and a family. Any and all support you give means the world to me. It makes those afternoons that I had to sit and listen to my sister Debbie's record of the disco version of, 'Puttin' On the Ritz', worth it. Thanks a bunch and have a Rock 'n Roll day!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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