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About EarlyManga

The current manga sites leaves a lot to be desired

starting with sites that give the users the ability to upload chapters,

they have a good user reading experience,

but what happens when a user or a group monopolizing that particular manga you're in love with decides not to upload chapters there anymore? 

...that's right, you're now forced to go to their site full of god knows how many pop freaking ads

on the other hand,

there's the sites who don't forget to upload every manga they find

have a ton of manga

and give a sh*t about the groups monopolizing the manga opinion

that's great!, now we found what we're looking for, what else do we need...? 
there's one problem though
they have a Terrible Uploading Frequency
they may have a ton of manga, but it seems they forget to upload it sometimes?

even though that's not to be mocked about considering the amount of manga they have there
but honestly, they forget to upload a chapter for weeks

as we see this, we couldn't leave it as though we never saw it 🤫
we tried though
but that never seemed to work🥴?

a sites that give good user experience but fail to have all manga we need available
and a sites that have all manga but have sh**ty releasing frequency and never a good support

so what do we have here?
what are hinting to?
if you got into one of those situations before
and made you scratch your head...

scratch your head no more
...We fixed it
The mess you're seeing above, all of it
we have gone a great deal and fixed it all up

by the start of November, we're rolling our greatest site update Early-Manga-For-You-1.0

Having the greatest reading experience and not only a frequent manga releases... but the earliest of them All...!

We wanted manga readers to have the best reading experience accompanied with the fastest chapters release

there's a lot left to be desired in the manga world
we decided not to Leave it as it's and make the move it fix it all up

we're ultimately in needs of your support
to bring this great feat into the world
and to end a bad taste in the mouth we all felt after reading at a Manga site.

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