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About Michael Sims

For the Love of Spock, I still don't have a proper intro for this page. Wow! That's lazy. Simply lazy, Mike. Anyway! Hey, how's it going? We're good. Thanks for asking. You know what's also good? Earth-2.net: The Show. That's right. I'm not so modest that I can't admit it. Our geek culture show debuted in October 2005 and released its 1000th episode of this year. That episode, by the way, was over 24 hours long. No joke. Twenty-four hours all crammed into one package.

That's all well and good, but what do we do?

Earth-2.net: The Show covers a wide array of geek culture topics. We discuss comic books, new and classic, across multiple segments. We dig deep into movies, doing beat-by-beat synopses that are often longer than the movies. And while we don't cover a lot of television shows, we enjoy our science fiction and superhero TV programs. On top of all that, we love our themed episodes:

We've also exhaustively covered multiple movie franchises, specifically: Batman, Star Wars (including the Holiday Special), and (sigh) Saw.

Give those episodes (or others) a listen, then decide if you like what we're doing. If you do, come back here and help support Earth-2.net: The Show. Look at the support tiers and find the one that's right for you. No matter what level you choose, you have access to exclusive segments and outtakes, as well as early episodes and DVD commentaries (forthcoming). Also, nearly every tier has the option to dictate content on The Show.

Thank you for reading this mess of a description, and doubly thank you for considering giving your financial support to Earth-2.net: The Show.
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