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Earth Custodians is dedicated to helping people go through the paradigm/world shift on the horizin. To build anew requires the ability to grasp the origins of the conflicts. This channel will strike at the core by demonstrating the importance of Voluntaryism, empathy and its axioms.

It is surely a daunting task that may take up to a generation to come true on a global level, but in the meantime, individuals can already act at home to create a much needed critical mass that will facilitate the Degrowth transition as the endless economic growth is coming to a halt.

Earth Custodians will welcome donations until that very critical mass is reached, and which is around 25-30% of the population informed about the stakes, regardless of the number of similar channels out there..

There is no time to waste and all donations will sponsor this goal: spreading the word with videos,  banner ads, online seminars and website/forum maintenance. People making a $10, $20, $40 and $50 pledge may choose to have their (nick)names to be featured in the credits of any produced materials. Just send us an email with your details along with the donation reference. 

LONG-TERM GOAL: We hope to produce at least two video materials per month in 2020 and which will summarize our website content used for crowdfunding purposes. Our work does not solely depend on generosity as we are passionate about the issues and are dedicated to spreading these ideas. 

ps: should you wish to contribute a few hours weekly and have video editing skills, or be interested in moderating our forum, or even write for our blog, please get in touch with us, via our website email address. 

$0 of $2,000 per month
The first step would be your support to achieve a Non-Profit status in the USA. Then  supporting short videos inspired by our weekly blogs. These are keys to captivating viewers' attention on the internet and starting a long lasting trend.  Also have several banners running on friendly websites to let the world know about the Voluntaryist alternative. We'd like doing this full-time with your help! We also hope to have our own radio show at some point. We recommend to follow our blog for any progress and effort allowing this project to move forward. If you would like to help our campaign, please email us at manasearthcustodian at gmail.com.  
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