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About Sam 'Panda' Hilton

Join me Sam 'Panda' Hilton on the journey as I document and share the story on how to build your own eco home using earth bags.  

We want to empower community to be able to build their own homes without owing the bank until they get old. 

In these videos, we will demonstrate how you can build your dream home in a sustainable and efficient way.

It brings the community together to learn new skills, achieve a common goal 'build a home' while sharing experiences.

It's also great for our mental, physical and emotional well being to get back to our roots. Relieving the stress and pressure from our busy lives, social media updates and computer screens to take time out connecting in nature, to relax and reset.

The dome will be made out of earth, water and a small amount of concrete filled into polypropelene sandbags, which are then covered with an earthern plaster.

These domes are earthquake, bushfire, flood, cyclone proof emergency shelters which are comfortable to live in long term and easy to learn how to build.

Our film maker Sam 'Panda' Hilton has been making videos for nearly 20 years. His vision is to share stories of the land, it's people to nurture an appreciation for our relationship with nature and how to live responsibly and rightly by it. 

Our project builder Ben 'Earthbag' Andrews has been constructing domes for over 15 years. These have been passion projects for anyone who has asked. Ben gets enormous joy from building and teaching others.

We hope you can join Sam, Ben and many others on this voyage of discovery as we share the story on how to build your own eco home using earth bags.
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