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is creating a world of sustainability, connection and community.
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  • By supporting the Earth Connect community, your are contributing to our mission to promote and offer nature-based, healing programs, and are furthering the vision to create a world of connection, community and sustainability.For this you are receiving our immense gratitude
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  • Early Access! Receive blog posts and originally created content from our co-founders, guides and facilitators before they’re published on our social media or website.
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  • All previous tier benefits.
  • We will read, record and post one of your original nature-inspired poems and share them on all our social media pages.
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About Earth Connect

Earth Connect is an organization that offers events, workshops, programs, and resources for people to self-heal through connecting with Nature. We are currently volunteer-run but are working towards becoming a social enterprise organization. Your patronage will help us do that, as well as support all of the activities we offer. 

We are creating nature-based media content that shows nature in its various forms so that people can virtually engage with Nature to promote self-healing from anxiety and stress. Our "in-person" programs include our monthly nature walk program. We also plan on offering a mini e-course series, weekend workshops, and an eco-therapy program once we raise the funds to launch them. In the future, they will be self-sustaining programs, and Patreon donations will fund scholarships.

Join and support us on our journey of creating a world of sustainability, connection and community.

To find out more visit us at our website or check us out on:
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When Earth Connect reaches $250 per month, we can create our business entity as a social enterprise organization.

As a thank you, all Patrons will receive:
  • A pre-recorded Q&A with our co-founders. Patrons can message their questions and we’ll record as many answers as we can get to in 30 minutes. 

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