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♥ Monthly Earth Gratitude Journal - with writing prompts, poetry, photography, quotes, Nature's Screen, activities and more! A 9-page downloadable file.

♥ 3x a month we'll be sharing our gratitude with you in different creative ways.

♥ Plus, you'll be able to share your experiences here, by commenting on the posts, sending your appreciation for nature further out into the Universe.
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Gratitude Gatherer

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♥ You'll receive everything that an Earth Journalist gets and more!

♥ Including access to a monthly online group gratitude session that lasts for 30 minutes. You, us and all the other gratitude gatherers will sit in silent gratitude together, cultivating our undconditional energy of the heart.

♥ We'll also send you a one-time, handwritten message via snail mail, with appreciation for becoming a patron.
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About Earth Gratitude Journal

Are you here for the unconditional love? To give and to receive, to have and to hold, in joy and in appreciation? If so, you're definitely in the right place, at the right time.

Now, more than ever, the Earth needs/wants to feel loved and respected. After all, what we feel deep inside our own bodies and thoughts, is simply a reflection which is mirrored on the outside. If we see nature suffering, it comes from our own neglect.

Yet, it doesn't have to be this way. We don't need to save the Earth from destruction, we need to save ourselves from destroying the Earth.

You are going to need to disconnect from technology and reconnect to what matters the most. An amazing way to do that is via journaling.

Who are we to say?

The 3 of us - Cheryl, Csermely and Roland - are here to inspire you to take in a deep breath of fresh air, to encourage you to walk barefoot and get grounded, and to forage for the essential nutrients that are lacking in a modern diet, in a physical and spiritual sense alike.

Combined, we have spent more than 40 years living a low-impact lifestyle. Our sensitivity to nature's rhythms grows with each passing year, leaving a beautiful imprint on our ecological consciousness.

Together, we live in an out-of-the-way land (more specifically Breb, Maramureș, Romania) covered by forests, creeks and meadows - and we want, more than anything, to share the joys of living simply with you! Because even if you live in a city, or a busy suburb, we all need access to the natural environment that promotes peace, calm and understanding.

A long time ago, in 2005, Richard Louv coined the term "nature deficit disorder". Since then, big-tech has skyrocketed into space at a rate that the human mind and body cannot comprehend. The only way out, is OFF. At least for meaningful periods of time spent in a healing outdoor environment.

Why would one care to invest time and energy in reconnecting with nature?

Because nature, like the whole of the universe, is filled with unconditional kindness.
It is a joy (happiness for no reason) for all to live in benevolence.

As you become an esteemed patron, you'll receive a downloadable monthly issue of our Earth Gratitude Journal.

Each themed, 9-page issue will contain:
  • journal prompts
  • inspirational and thoughtful quotes
  • poetry
  • simple outdoor activities
  • a look through Nature’s Screen
  • story starters
  • coloring page
  • nature facts and/or relevant environmental statistics
  • and exercises that involve the senses
New issues of the Earth Gratitude Journal will be delivered here on Patreon by the first of every month.

You can join an ever-growing group of Earth Journalists at any time!

Who is the Earth Gratitude Journal for?

Our monthly journal is for anyone and everyone who wants to build, shape and redefine their relationship with a changing environment.

It is for those who want to stand up and be held accountable for appreciating and expressing their love for the land, for the waters and for the air that we all breathe. Remember, we are all part of the same Universe.

In essence, the Earth Gratitude Journal is for those caring souls who wish this world to be an even more beautiful place (as beautiful as it wishes to be), free of plastic/garbage and free of wilderness inhibitions.

It is the space, within each of our hearts, where we can imagine, visualize and design a sustainable future. A future that not only nourishes our next of kin, but every next of kin.

No one is too old, or too young, to become an earth journalist...

As long as you can read and write, you can enjoy the journal prompts to the fullest.

The youngest ones can enjoy the coloring page, or join in by telling a story out loud.

For some, this gratitude journal will be a challenge (only temporarily, as time goes on love always continues to grow). For others, it will only reaffirm their love and gratitude for living on this incredible planet.

And for all, it will give us something meaningful to do, off-line, as we spend more time outdoors, spreading love as far and as fast as it can go to the ends of the Universe.

With love and gratitude,
the Forest, the Creek and the Meadow

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The more gratitude you give, the more love the Earth receives...

Our ultimate goal with the Earth Gratitude Journal is first and foremost to forge a stronger connection to nature in every heart and in every home. We also imagine and wholeheartedly intend that each issue will bring families closer together.

After that comes our ability to purchase local land, rewild the hills, plant native trees and host workshops with a deep focus on reconnecting to nature, all right here in our little village called Breb.

It's always been our aim to live a simple life close to nature. Call it a passion if you will, a leading principle of ours that resists and persists, no matter what the weather. For this very reason, we feel compelled to share our journey back to the land with you.

When we reach this community goal, and even before, if you ever find yourself in Romania, please come and visit us as we exchange nature stories over a soothing cup of foraged herbal tea.

We sincerely thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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