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About Earthlings

Earthlings is a Non Profit focused on land revitalization, primitive skills, and respectful connectivity with Earth. We promote healing without hierarchy and feel that we are here on earth to rediscover our place in the natural world. We honor indigenous wisdom and the belief that everything in nature is alive.

Your donations and support allow us to fund sustainability efforts and land preservation. If you would like to find out more about us and what we do, please send inquiries to [email protected]

This organization was born from of a desire to protect the Earth and encourage Earthlings to interact ethically with the world. We promote methods of decolonization and reintegration of natural cycles with the intent to uplift and support marginalized poc and encourage discussions about the future of the planet and Earth as a marginalized being.

We are offically known as “The Earth Association,” a non-denominational organization that believes the entire planet is a sacred and conscious being who deserves our care and respect.

Feel free to reach out, Thank you!
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$500 a month allows us to purchase the necessary batteries and additional panels needed to complete and expand our solar power set-up. This also allows us to further construction efforts on our green-house and water conservation systems.
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