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You are the ground floor of this effort. Without you this art work and educational process would have less roots, You are so appreciated! As a thanks please accept 10% off products and services I offer as well as pics of all new products.

Quartz Crystal Tier
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Quartz is the great Memory-keeper and is also the piezoelectric aspect of orgonite. Every piece is wrapped with copper and is part of the magik in each creation. By joining at this level you are truly a crucial part of the magik here and I want to make sure you know it! I also want to offer back something special to you - so you will receive a monthly Rune Pull for Guidance in your life along with all 15% off products and services I offer.

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Cinnabar is a Mercurial stone supporting transformational benefits. Pyramids are known to generate energy and increase the potency of anything placed under their geometric influence. By purchasing this level of membership I recognize the power inherent in your support.  Your presence is known and you are appreciated- as a thank you receive benefits of the previous tiers but your discount increases to 20% off and you will receive behind-the-scenes special video content of what I am creating and how the educational process is unfolding.




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I LOVE the creation process and I also LOVE to learn and share wisdom. I have decided to bring the two together to help me go back to school for my PhD and create and share Art while inspiring you all and at the same time, help me offset tuition. 
I create one-of-a-kind magikal creations which, to me, honor my love of nature and the power inherent in it. Products such as: Advanced Orgonite Ports - (based on a combination of Wilhelm Reich's orgone-energy discovery & Earth Magik shamanism to support access to Healing and Creation energy), Immortal Nature Jewelry and Art to Honor the Simplicity and Power of Nature, as well as Magikal Crystal Wands to help folks tap back into the magic within. Along with sharing my creation process I am also offering coaching and empowerment services with higher memberships in order to bring all the possibilities together and offer the most nurturing space for you to be loved up, enjoy art, and support me in becoming a Doctor of Natural Medicine. Let's support each other in our greatness! I fully appreciate you!

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