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Youth Catalyst ~ You are the first to receive our news directly from the Future Generations that are participating in our programs, and how your support is helping them + you will receive the videos here from our online gatherings and webinars to inspire and support your blossoming (valued at $100)

​Evolutionary Catalyst

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Evolutionary Catalyst ~ You receive all the benefits of the previous tier  + EARTHwise Membership. Our Membership is $16 per month and provides the following benefits: 1) live online access to our EARTHwise 1-hour Masterclass with one of our top facilitators; 2) the opportunity to join a 1-hour online Study Group Talking Circle after the Masterclass with our EARTHwise coaches for those who like to deepen their learning and application; 3) personal access to our EARTHwise Library with valuable videos, meditations, and other wisdom resources for accessing your inner genius (valued at $700) .

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Future Catalyst ~ You receive all the benefits of the previous tiers + FREE enrolment in our online Leadership Quest (valued at $1600).




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About EARTHwise Centre

Welcome to EARTHwise Centre!
We Are A Global Community, bringing together Solutionaries, Future Creatives, Evolutionary Catalysts, Storytellers, Leaders, and Custodians who amplify each other in our unified commitment for a Loving, Thriving, and Conscious World and Future!

Become part of our  EARTHwise Community and receive our regular "Thrivability Compass" e-zine with news and inspiring articles, special offers, opportunity to join our Masterclasses, online webinars, Transformation Journeys, online gatherings, partnership opportunities, and much more.


  • Keep giving full scholarships to: Youth, Indigenous Elders and Indigenous Community Leaders, for FREE participation in our online Courses, Quests, and Transformation Journeys.
  • Increases our outreach capacity to more people from around the world through our Thrivability Education programs.
  • Develop new Programs that empower people with the skills, visions, and capacity to make a meaningful difference for the good of Our World & Our Planet.
  • Continue our online Gatherings and coordination for "Healing Ourselves and Future Generations" and "Indigenous Solutions to stop runaway Climate Change and Regenerate our Planet”.
  • Host and coordinate online and in-person EARTHwise Summits to bring together the Solutionaries, Future-Creatives, and Evolutionary Catalysts that can do so much more Together in the right way!
  • Further develop & implement our projects for Planetary Health and Regeneration.
  • Continue documenting, publishing and sharing Our Stories through social-media, articles, books, and videos.
  • Continue our Research and Publications for “Into the Heart of Systems Change” and “Evolutionary Learning Ecosystems for a Thrivable World”.
  • Leverage our possibilities to bring EARTHwise programs and projects to the people and communities where this matters the most.

We are happy to receive your support in any way that is financially possible for you!



Our Membership program provides monthly live online access to our EARTHwise 1-hour Masterclass with one of our top facilitators. There is also the opportunity to join a 1-hour online Study Group Talking Circle after the Masterclass with our EARTHwise coaches for those who like to deepen their learning and application. Membership also provides personal access to our EARTHwise Library with valuable videos, meditations, and other wisdom resources for accessing your inner genius and BEING the difference that makes the difference!  


Learn about our VALUE CURRENCIES ~ the Currencies that never deplete and are generated from within to create Experiences of Value and THE WISDOM ECONOMY. Your participation and support is the greatest GIFT and enables us to invest in Our Future & World by investing in YOU!


Our unique online and in-person training courses, retreats, webinars, education, and coaching services have empowered and inspired thousands of people from around the world. We trained hundreds of business leaders and their teams in leadership wisdom, systemic innovation, value creation, corporate sustainability, whole-system transformation, and business thrivability. Through our Thrivability Education program we have trained over 300 teachers and supported over 20,000 students since 2012. All our projects require funding support to achieve the reach and impacts that can really make the difference. Your financial support is essential for this. 


  • We combine ancient wisdom practices with the latest scientific insights from ecological psychology, quantum physics, regenerative design, neurobiology, systemic transformation, and organizational development. 
  • We use eco-systemic methodologies that have been scientifically validated, to identify the leverage points for systemic transformation, innovation, and value-creation.
  • We optimise the Heart of organizations by facilitating evolutionary coherence and creative unity, empowering people to thrive and flourish ecosystemically, with respect and care for our planet and the future generations.
  • We inspire and catalyze transformational change through evolutionary coherence and conscious leadership that builds capacity and lasting impacts for people, communities, organisations, and societies to thrive & flourish with Life as a whole. 


  • We provide Thrivability Leadership, Vision Development, Coaching, Training, Education, and Research for planetary value creation and evolutionary coherence through our EARTHwise Wholeness Code and Value Currencies™, with a long term commitment to the Future Generations and Planetary Health. 
  • We work with regenerative design principles that are wisdom-based, applied to the multi-capitals model for inclusive whole wealth & value creation. 
  • We prepare organizations, networks, communities, and individuals how to become a force for good for conscious impact to bring forth a world and future where all can Thrive & Flourish together.


EARTHwise Centre is a non-profit organization. Your financial investment is of great help for us to continue providing full scholarships for Youth to participate for free in all our online courses and Quest, and continue our EARTHwise projects and online events, such as: hosting free webinars to raise awareness and mobilize support for issues like runaway Climate Change and our Ecogenocide, and Healing Ourselves and Future Generations

Your support also supports us to continue providing pro-bono legal strategic support for the issues that require our collective care and support, as we have done for the Maroon Cultural Heritage process in Mauritius, to support the Standing Rock Campaign & the Divestment Movement, the We Stand With Africa campaign, and more.

We also support and donate funds and other resources to initiatives that help restore our Planetary Health, protect our vital ecosystems, and stop runaway Climate Change, like our patron support for the Compassion Games. 

Our education programs have supported over 20,000 students in Mauritius. In collaboration with our partners Four Worlds International Institute, we work closely with indigenous people from around the world. As a supporter, you help us make a difference where this counts the most, and we thank you deeply for your support. If you require a specific tax receipt for your donation, please contact us.


EARTHwise Centre Ltd (BRN C15131982) is a non-profit CSR registered company (NCSRF/2018/0005) in Mauritius, eligible for receiving CSR funding, and UN and EU international funding for non-profit purposes. 

$20.90 of $1,800 per month
When we reach $1,800 we can give three scholarships to youth future leaders to participate on a yearly basis in our online Leadership Quest. 
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