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Here's where you get stuff!  For supporting us with $5 per month, not only do you get our undying love and affection, but we'll send you access to our monthly Secret Show (shhhh!) that we put on only for supporters at this level and higher!
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Not only will you get everything at the lower levels (undying love and affection, Secret Show access), but we'll enter you into a drawing for a chance to win one of two $25 Disney gift cards! Because, let's be honest, we know you'll use 'em eventually!

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Get everything at our lower levels (undying love/affection, Secret Show access, TWO entries into our gift card raffle),   plus receive your very own piece of Digital Disneyland Artwork!  Each month it will be a different piece, either an amazing professional photograph, or even a unique 3-D blueprint of a ride - it's something cool to keep you thinking about your happy place.  Large format stuff, here, folks - very suitable for use as a monthly wallpaper for your computer
I love Manhaiemer Steamwagon, too!
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Let's Hangout!
Get all these cool rewards:
- Our undying love and support
- Access to our Secret Show, available only to Patreon supporters
- THREE entries into our monthly gift card drawing
- Two different digital Disneyland photos sized for your desktop wallpaper

Plus, we'll dial you in to our monthly show meetings on Google Hangouts.  Sit in with us as we plan our upcoming shows, suggest topics and guests, and pretty much just chill with us as we all make fun of Terrence.
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You get it all:
- Undying Love
- Secret Show
- FOUR entries into our monthly gift card drawing
- Digital Print of a Park photo

Plus ... a full 12" x 18" metallic paper print from our friend Brett Schoenwald.  These are amazing prints, folks, and capture a very special side of Disneyland.




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About EarzUp! Podcast

Thank you for helping us create the best Disneyland podcast out there! Each episode of EarzUp! Podcast is built around providing insight and commentary on Disneyland, California Adventure, and a touch of Walt Disney World thrown in for good measure.  We are a show that brings you a bit of history, some current Disney News, and a whole lot of opinions!

Your support allows us to make upgrades to our studio equipment, book bigger guests, and helps keep EarzUp! on the internet and cranking out shows.  We have been lucky to produce shows about Disneyland since 2013, due largely to your donations.  Partnering with Patreon will allow us to offer something other than radio as a "thank you" for supporting us through the years.  We hope to keep growing as broadcasters and hosts, and at the same time keep you laughing.

The EarzUp! Crew

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If we can manage $1,000 in support, we could overhaul the entire studio - I'm talking new mics, a better desk, quality headphones ... the works! All in the name of bringing you better audio quality, and while we are slowly improving the sound of the show, nothing compares to new mics. 
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