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Hi, my name is Dmitry Smolski. Thanks for visiting my Patreon page!

You probably know me from my YouTube channel EASY GUITAR.
I make guitar tutorials & ROCK covers (coming soon!).

Since a lot of you guys always ask me for TABS and backing tracks, I decided to try this site. Writing tabs takes me a lot of time, but with your support I can do it!! :)

What do you get?
I post at least 3-6 guitar tutorials and 1-2 Rock covers a month
By pledging $1-$10 per month you'll help me to keep creating new and better videos.
In return I'll give you a lot of perks! For detailed rewards, check the reward section of the tiers.

I love to create music and I work really hard on every video I make.
Thanks so much for your support, guys!!!

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