Easy French is creating language learning videos (every week)

Basic Membership

$1 /creation
As nice and soft as a croissant, this package will allow you to make quick progresses as you can feel in a safe zone for your French with the slower version of each new episode that you can downloa...

I love this help !

$2 /creation
This reward is like a freshly baked pain au chocolat, it allows you to support Super Easy French and make me feel that my work is important and that you want me to continue doing it.

The French commentary package

$3 /creation
I see this reward as a nice tarte tatin, test your skills with the slow French commentary that I will provide for you, the best to go deeper in the French language.



The Skype package

$5 /creation
I love macarons, I love meeting people! :)
So, this reward is about me and you. Let's meet on Skype. I'm waiting for you now.
Come on, don't be shy! I don't bite!


The Helper Reward

$7 /creation
The reward is to know that you take part in the creation of a whole course that can help you and many people in the future if it gets the chance to exist. Thank you a lot!

The Super Helper Reward

$10 /creation
This strawberry tart reminds me of my childhood and is my favourite French dessert, this is thus the best possible image for this reward (I'm grateful).
Supporting me this way makes me feel tha...

The Superhero reward (Whatsapp conversations)

$12 /creation
This reward is the greatest to improve your French, because you will get to experience French as if you were in France.

Actually, you will get to answer question on multiple topics f...