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About Easy Greek

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Hello friends of Easy Greek. I am Dimitris, the producer of Easy Greek, and today I want to talk to you about the future of Easy Greek and how you can help us create it together.

Why are we starting a Patreon campaign?
Since 2018, we've made tens of Easy Greek episodes in our spare time. Our passion for creating videos and love for the Greek language has filled us with wonderful feelings and we have received lots of love and excellent feedback. At the same time, since we started producing more frequently and putting out weekly episodes, we've started taking our project a bit more seriously. Easy Greek is like a part-time job for me and my team, and we want to start treating it as a real job -- as something that can give us back something tangible. Passion on its own is great, but it's not enough to survive on.

What's in it for you?
What this means in practice is that we'll continue with our weekly episodes, except that now we'll also be making extra material for all our learners who might want to take the next step. By supporting Easy Greek and becoming a member of our page on Patreon through a small monthly contribution, you'll gain access to:

  • episode transcripts and their translations into English;
  • a closed group of passionate learners and Easy Greek fans;
  • as well as all of our episodes in MP3 and MP4 formats, with or without subtitles.

Here's two samples of our transcript/exercise packages: [sample 1][sample 2]

In addition, we'll be sharing with you access to a closed group of passionate learners and Easy Greek fans, in addition to more advanced material such as songs, movies and other suggestions that will help you on your journey through the Greek language and culture.

The Easy Languages difference
Our goal within the framework of the big family of Easy Languages is to communicate to you the natural language as it's spoken in Greece today in a fun and memorable way.

So, what sets us apart?

  • Every video has subtitles in English and in Greek;
  • Our main focus is street interviews both on simple subjects like the pros & cons of Athens, or deeper ones, like what happens after death;
  • We also enjoy getting creative with our topics: we explore not just the language and its intricacies and history but also make specials on modern culture, the Greek islands & countryside, even recipes.

Help us create the Easy Greek of your dreams!
Turning Easy Greek into our main occupation will allow us to up the ante in our variety of topics and boost the quality of our production. Our dream one day is for Easy Greek to be the ultimate online resource for learning Greek, with online & live courses and workshops, specialised videos on every linguistic subject and a rich, ever-expanding catalog of fun content about every topic imaginable.

Your financial and moral support will allow us to explore our possibilities and give back to you the love for what we do.

If you've found our videos useful and/or entertaining, come join us on this journey, 'cause it's not all Greek to us, it's Easy Greek!

640 - reached! patrons

With this much support, we'll be able to expand our team and start making two videos every week!
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