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My name is Gemma Mahadeo, and I'm based in Melbourne (Birraranga/Naarm), Australia. I was born in London, and have lived in the Philippines. I work and live on stolen land, and pay my respects to elders past, present, and emerging, and acknowledge that I am part of the invasion narrative that took First Nations' peoples land from them so violently. Power structures in place mean this continues to happen today, and everyday,

I identify as a migrant, and a queer person of colour. My preferred pronouns are they/them. She/her only ever with my permission. This is a SWERF and TERF-free zone.

According to the social model of disability, I am disabled. This means medication and specialist health appointments are always at the forefront of my mind. My Patreon supporters help me more than they know, truly.

The photo above is of pork crackling, and I've no idea why I look so disdainful when I am a very, very happy omnivore. My Filipino heritage doesn't mean I have to love chicharrón (Spanish spelling) but I do very, very much.

I write poetry and different modes of non-fiction: memoir, book reviews, and beer reviews. I'm currently exploring experimental ways of reviewing books.

I had to delete the bit here because someone semi-stole an idea from me. Them's the breaks when you're not white. Folks of colour: DO NOT TELL ANY WHITE PERSON YOUR IDEAS FOR FREE.

I'm also a musician, and play and perform occasionally. I play the flute, the viola da gamba (NOT the viola!), piano, melodica, (violon)cello, various recorders, and bass guitar - have deliberately listed my instruments in order of personal familiarity and fluency!

This mainly funds new content for my blog 'eat, drink, stagger'. The posts that go up on Patreon have exclusive content and are published here first. Once a new Patreon post goes up here, the one before goes live on my blog, for all to enjoy.

Headshot taken by the wonderful spoken word artist and emerging photographer Wāni Le Frère, an excellent creator in his own right worth supporting.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 27 exclusive posts

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