is creating CGI Eating videos (horror/fantasy) + some comics and pictures

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OMG, what is this weird stuff???

These are just... eating fantasy animations.
Yes... it's really weird, but some small groups of people find things like this funny. If you dislike it, just please, leave.
- Everything you can see on this page is 100% 3D. No live or even imaginary creature was hurt!
- No nuditty. No seksual content. Only pure eating animations.

Why should you support me?

...Because I want to make more and more cool animations for you. I want to learn new features and grow my skills to make my videos better and better. I gave up my day job. This means - the more money Patreon gives me - the more time I can spend learning, trying and testing new features to be able to create things you will really enjoy!
...Because good models are really expensive, and I want to buy more of them. For example, my favorite model - Jane costed $1299 (I edited her to create Mirona, Milena and Mattias characters)! There are so many more beautiful models I'd like to own for my upcoming videos!
...Because I need a couple of new powerful computers to render faster which in result will let me release stuff more frequently.
...Because... I try to do my best for all of you - lovers of female and male characters. Because you like my works and you really want to help me, don't you?;)

Major changes are to come!;)


Monokarp - my loved husband and a crazy eating videogame creator! 

If you like my works, you'll definitely enjoy FEMALETEETH! Hard AND Soft eating (WOW, really!) in his newest project: "Mouth Raiders"!

The best 2D eating animator in the world -  FEEDFANCIER!

$1,552 of $2,000 per month
Once I reach this goal, I'll be able to purchase a new computer. Unfortunately, my old computer is too slow for rendering. The new computer will let me do:
- More realistc dynamic hairs and clothes!
- Fluids simulations!
- Post-process FX and cool particles!
- Have more characters in one one video!
- Rendering faster (more stuff in shorter time)
And much, much more...
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 509 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 509 exclusive posts

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