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About EatMoveRest

We are Dusty & Erin Stanczyk - a health & lifestyle duo!

We have spent the last few years on a transformational journey of health & wellness, and are now sharing what we've learned with the world!

After some long hard looks in the mirror & feeling lost, we realized our lifestyles were failing us. In an effort to win back our health, we decided to simply get back to the basics. Eating, moving, and resting, we realized, are the 3 things we all do every day, and could all be doing them better! Bam! was born!

We decided to make a change and set out on a journey of education and committed ourselves to a fews years of health conferences, dietary certifications, culinary accolades, fitness training programs, and more!

We have since been traveling the world, following the leaders, experiencing the cultures, exploring the environments, tasting the foods, moving our bodies, & finding rest - all in pursuit of the optimal lifestyle!

We now have a blog, YouTube channel, social media platforms, & other FREE resources for people who want to follow our journey, get to know us, & learn how EatMoveRest their best! 

In addition to online services, we host local dinner gatherings, workshops, webinars, demos, provide one-on-one coaching & host retreats! We are hosting our first, all-inclusive, full-immersion, 7-day EatMoveRest Retreat in Costa Rica in March of 2019!

We are having a blast creating content & helping others, but it's time to grow! EatMoveRest is currently our side-hustle and a labor of love (AKA we aren't getting paid)! We both currently have day jobs that limit our ability to create and grow, but we are determined to make this WHAT WE DO, and you can help! 

If you're digging us or our mission, please consider supporting us here on Patreon! If nothing else, follow our social media channels, subscribe on YouTube, & support us by joining our tribe!

Nothing but Love,
Erin & Dusty

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Reaching our goal of $1000 a month, will enable us to take more time off from our day jobs and help us work toward our BIG Goal of making EATMOVEREST our full time gig! This will give us more time to focus on building our community and our company. It will give us the time required to create more content, host more live videos, have private chats with you, our followers, and will ultimately help us reach more people! We want everyone to learn how to Eat, Move, and Rest their best!
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