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About Kathy Jaggi | eBike Living

Fun. Compelling. Useful. Alternative. Assistive.

Really freakin' cool.

All of these describe what ebikes have become in the cycling world. 

And no, it's not cheating. And yes, you get exercise if you ride an ebike. You still pedal (it's not called a pedelec for nothing). You just go faster when you do. Driving a car is cheating. Not getting out there is cheating. 

I'm relatively new to cycling. I have both an ebike and completely carbon-powered bikes. I ride both, but mostly ride my ebike because I mostly have to keep up with a pack. I'm constantly trying to stay current with the technology and learning how to maintain my ebike, and always looking for the next best thing.

So join me on my ebike adventures. I'll post some getting started information publicly, leaving the juicy deep-dive tidbits for my subscribers. And always feel free to let me know what you're interested in. I'm happy to research things for you! 

See you on the trails!
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*Knowing what pairs well with ebikes (where you go, what you do)

All this makes for a better magazine for everyone. I don't want to rehash content you can get from Bicycling or Cycling World or any other source. I want this to be about ebikes and the adventures my readers and I take on them. 
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