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About E. Blalock

What happens when I put women and men "of a certain" age in the middle of thrillers and horror?  Become a patron and find out, while helping me do it more often. 

I love everything from dystopian fiction to science fiction whether in print or on the screen. When I was younger, I became frustrated with the dearth of female heroes with whom I could relate.  As I got older, as we all do, I realized that while female heroes were gaining prominence, there were still few protagonists I could identify with.

Age gives us a history that changes our perspective on issues like right and wrong, good and evil: we being to appreciate nuance and complexity.  We understand that there are times to compromise and times to draw a line and stand firm.  What seemed black and white when we were young is not so well-defined; what seemed absolutely right now seems to have shades of wrong.  Compassion and empathy evolve from moral positions to real emotions when we see those with whom we share heartache.

These are the stories I find fascinating, and the stories I try to write, with men and women who share those experiences.

My work deals with social issues, but at the human level and with the very human issues involved: grief, trauma, alienation, love and hope. My characters struggle with the same questions I've wrestled with: how do we find the spaces between injustice and beauty, between pain and joy in which to create a meaningful life? Is the right thing to do always what it seems when someone will always pay a price for our decisions? 

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There are times in life when it's time to call in the professionals.  Editing is one of them.  In the world of computer programming, it's considered risky to have the coder test his or her own work, because he or she will won't catch errors.  The same, I've found is true with writing.  A writer knows the text so well, and is so often thinking about style, tone, continuity, plot, etc., that he or she will miss typos, repeated words or poor punctuation. 

Once I meet this goal, I'll be able to set aside funds for a professional editor for The Dove Pan. 
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