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Being a cookie is more of a tip jar, though I really do appreciate your support!

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About EbonyTails

Wha- me?

Yes You!

You've stumbled unto my Patreon and I think I should introduce myself!

Uh okay then, I was just lookin arou-

My name's EbonyTails, but you can call me Ebony or Ebbs- or anything you'd like! I don't mind! Since you're here, let me tell you a bit about how this page works!
Uh sure I guess,

Cool! So everyone who opens a Patreon page or account may create theirs to earn a living through what they love to make! And in a way, that's why I opened up this Patreon! But in truth, this is really more of a "glorified tip jar", as some may call it.

Alright, that's fair enough, but why bother being a patron?

If you decide to support me, You get to see all the patron-exclusive content! Which include:

Woah! that's amazing!

Exactly! There's not much now, but in the future, I could have more to offer! You guys just have to bother me about it.

I can't pledge but I still want to support you!

I have a donation button (Paypal) // Buy Me a Coffee! (I also have a Redbubble!) And if you still can't donate, just knowing you like my work is just fine! Thanks for visiting my page!

If you decide to become a patron you have my full appreciation and love! If you've read the entire description, thank you so much for bothering to stop by! Lot's of Love, Ebony.

Why hello there! You've reached the bottom of the About!
Social Media
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Other Blogs:
Ask Dissy Luna || Ask Golden Hooves || Behind The Sunny Side || Fluttershy Sings || Ask The Differents ||
$13 of $50 per month
I'm not sure what goals to put here, so let's start with baby steps!
  • Getting $50 a month just shows how supportive you guys are- and then I can finally be assured that I have enough money for food and school supplies (Vellum paper is very expensive okay)
  • Also with $50 a month I can have a peace of mind that I'll be able to afford Adobe Creative Cloud!!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio release
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
Audio release
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