Emotionally Broken Psychos is creating an International Lifestyle Brand (podcasts for your enjoyment).

The Smush Room, Hosted by Troy McEady

$1 /mo
This special EBP feature gets into well-known and not-so-well known Hollywood romances of your favorite reality TV stars. Think "WhosDatedWho.com" meets a pop culture textbook laced with Criss Ange...

Feathers In My Hair, Hosted by Liz Bentley

$5 /mo
Ask and you shall receive, Psychos! Liz Bentley, who is part of the EBP fam, hosts an exclusive weekly Patreon series that focus solely on one of your faves, Teen Mom! If you're a fan ...

Earn a Show Shoutout!

$7 /mo
We'll give you a one-time shout out during the show in your second month of giving. Molls will personally shout you out on the pod and thank you for being part of the Patreon-Sweetin family!

2 Bonus EBP Eps + Hangout with Molls (Monthly)

$8 /mo
We’ll give you 2 bonus EBP episodes per month, in addition to hosting a once-a-month Hangout that only our subscribers will receive an invite to. If you like t...

Long Reads Club

$10 /mo
Molls can’t commit to reading an entire book every month and leading the discussion, but she CAN get behind leading a convo on a great long read. You know, the classics, like John Mayer in Play...

The Official EBP Book Club

$15 /mo
Love to read? Us too. We're going to be reading and discussing books written by our favorite reality TV personalities (and other celebrities). When you pledge at this level, Nicole will invite ...

Receive Mail from Molls!

$20 /mo
Molls will send you a beautiful thank-you card as a token of her gratitude during your second month of giving. If you love receiving mail (because who doesn’t?), this is for you!


Receive Molls' Episode Notes!

$25 /mo
Donate at this level and in your second month of giving, you’ll receive a PDF copy of Molls’ episode notes with her signature, footnotes, and some cool decor added to the pages.

You ...


Receive a Copy of The Male Witch Hunt Transcript!

$30 /mo
So remember that now infamous episode of Straight Up with Stassi where Stassi and her guest, Pucker & Pout co-founder Jennifer Hoffner said pretty much everything offensive about women...

Join the Documentary Club

$35 /mo
You know Molls loves a good documentary, so join her club! Molls will gift you a documentary to watch each month, but you must commit to giving for a minimum of six months to receive this reward.

Get Producer Credit!

$50 /mo
Your name will be added to our outro (so long as you donate) as a valued Patreon subscriber. That's right! Week after week, Molls will let everyone know that YOU are a producer and help keep th...

Receive a Beautifully Bound Transcript of The Male Witch Hunt

$60 /mo
Molls and/or Co will take the transcript of the Straight up with Stassi episode and bind it into a book for you. We mean, not a real book - the kind with the plastic cover and cur...

Receive Two Series on iTunes, Handpicked by Molls!

$75 /mo
Who doesn’t love a good show? Who doesn’t love a good binge? If you donate at this level, during your second month of giving Molls will handpick one season of TWO of her favorite series for you on ...

Be a Guest Star!

$100 /mo
Coordinating Producer Nicole will get in touch after your first month of giving to find the perfect way to fit you into one episode of the show. One catch: you must have access to an iPhone or Face...

Private Phone Call with Molls!

$200 /mo
Dying to chat with Molls off-the-air about your favorite show/whatever? Well, if you pledge at this level we can make that happen! Coordinating Producer Nicole will get in touch after your firs...

Get Some Custom Art from Molls!

$500 /mo
The Tie-Dye Queen of Glendale will send you a handmade t-shirt. You’ll also get a 15-minute phone call with Molls twice a year to chat about your fave reality TV moment(s), and all the stuff from t...

Product Mention or Placement on the Show!

$1,000 /mo
Molls will mention your product during episodes while you’re an active supporter. 

We’ll connect with you via email for specifications and requirements. Plus, you’ll get all ever...


Have a Viewing Party with Molls!

$5,000 /mo
If you make this one-time donation, Molls and a friend/past EBP guest will fly to your city and watch your favorite show with you and some friends and chill for the night. She’ll e...