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The Adventurer
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This is like over a hundred adverts on YouTube! Thank you very very much for your support and for joining me on this adventure that is... well I'm not sure what it is but thank you for joining me anyway!


Let me know why you are supporting me and which title brought you here!

Please feel free to use Ad-block on my channel guilt free! Because you know, you probably felt soo guilty beforehand...

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Speeding up here! Thank you very much for your support! I'd offer to wash your car for the $5 but the travel costs alone would be a little costly... so instead how about this:
Get access to my Patron only feed - Behind the scenes posts where I talk about my plans and what I am doing next. And some random rambles.


 - Get access to my outtake videos, see how often I get things wrong or things go wrong, or what I do when setting up a video, the first few minutes before hand. Really, it's quite dull!

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On Your Bike
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Stabilisers not included. Thank you very much for your support! 


You'll get everything that is on the $5 tier bracket (skates included), but on top of that you get the following:

- Get access to some Behind The Scenes footage, either showing off what I do in order to set up a video, or my editing process, or something like that! Maybe a video, maybe some scribbles on paper, maybe diagrams... 

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About ECGadget

Hello To All And To All A Hello!

I am ECGadget, and I've been creating a whole bunch of Let's Play and Review videos on Youtube and Twitch for some time now. I started with a video of a wonderful racing simulator, Assetto Corsa and until today those videos have appeared weekly on the channel. But from there I've expanded out to a variety of other simulators and different games, including Transport Fever, Euro Truck Simulator, Minecraft Extreme Builds, X Plane 11 and more, but I want to continue and grow!
Thanks to my supportive parents I've been able to push this for a little while and been able to provide quality content until now. However, I want to turn this into a full career, which means that creating content for you guys will be my only source of income. At the moment, my livelihood relies on what little work I get outside of making videos, and the pennies that are made from YouTube advertising revenue. Without your support, I will not be able to continue what I do. And this is something I most certainly do not want to give up, as I am very passionate about this and continuing to do this for the years to come!

How can you help?

By becoming a Patron and donating with a monthly pledge, you will be directly helping me turn this life into a full career. You'll be giving me a chance to start focusing more and more on creating higher quality content day in day out for you all to enjoy! Take a look at the different Milestone Goals on the side to see exactly what my plan is and how I will be moving forward.


It doesn't matter whether you donate $1 or $100, I massively appreciate it!
I may not have much right now, but take a peek at the "rewards" which I'd like to offer as a small token of my appreciation and thanks. And as I grow I will hopefully be able to offer more rewards that are greater, such as giveaways, t-shirts et cetera.

$35 of $60 per month
Content Goal: INTERNET!
This will help cover all my internet costs to ensure I can upload as many videos as possible as often as possible without any issues. First big step right there!
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