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Are red shirts really more likely to die? — Do ONLY Sith deal in absolutes? — Was The Force Awakens inspired by an anime?
My channels seeks to investigate some lesser-explored topics in our beloved franchises, offering thought-provoking analysis and challenging some of the things we fans might take for granted. It's no wonder why fans love to endlessly debate; there's so much to discover!

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I spend countless hours designing, modeling, and rendering 3D models and artwork from Star Trek, Star Wars, and my own original sci-fi world. More and more, I've been wanting to share my work with this community. I've started making videos exploring these models, and I hope to keep designing and creating and sharing them with you!

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At $1000 a month, I'll have the job security to basically pursue the channel and my 3D modeling full-time. It will also mean an incredible amount of freedom in my content, as I will be less reliant on advertisement revenue. 
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