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About Echidna

Regular Edition of v0.02 for +$1 patrons is here!!!

Public Edition of v0.01 is here for free!!!
PC Version
Mac Version

Hello Everybody !!!

I'm Echidna and I must admit that I love adult games.
I played pretty much every of them. Some are brillant and some aren't that brillant but someone has sacrificed his sweat and blood so I appreciate every game and thank them all for creating!!!

Also I like to thank you for visiting my patreon page and welcome you to my journey!!!

And now I'm creating with your help and support my own Adult-Game!!!

Life of Kiki

My Game is called Life of Kiki!!! It's based on a true story, of course spiced up with a lot of kinky fantasies, but some events are really happend!!! Due to privacy I've changed the names and also I will never comment who of them I am and so on...sorry;-) 

What can you expect?

As in real life there will be no stats like good or bad points and so on. You have just to remember your decisions, choices and realitionships. This will lead you to events and open up new possibilities. The plan is, however to be able to take pretty much every decision on your own, just like in the reality. In that way you should be able to form your own Kiki according to your preferences. But due to real events, you can't expect that she can hop into bed with every NPC that you see...certainly not from the beginning. 
I think there are enough other games out there where you can just do that!

I have decided for this game style because I have no idea how to handle all the 3d programms etc. (I tried unsuccessfully) But I can draw (more or less), that's one of my talents and I also learning by doing to use renpy, so the result is Life of Kiki with my own drawings, based on a true story with a lot of decisions wich open different of the way, english isn't my native language so please excuse if I make mistakes and misspellings, but of course you're welcome to report them on me and also for feedbacks, inputs and wishes.

Who is Kiki???

Kimberly known as Kiki is the youngest of four sisters. The story contains a whole sixteen years of her life. So a lot to tell, a lot of experiences and some things just have to be told. The game begins as Kiki moves to her second oldest sister and her husband. And the rest you will learn in the game so lets get it on with:

  • continuous improvement of drawings and writings
  • a lot of various fetishes
  • a lot of daily situations which we all know
  • a lot of variations of decisions
  • a lot of different charachters
  • a lot of comming stuffs
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...

Good so far...but why should you pledge???

Good question...With your donation you give someone the chance to realize himself and support someone actively to do what he's loving. You share a dollar and make a stranger you don't know happy. And if there's KARMA, you will be rewarded several times for this gesture...
You don't believe in Karma??? No problem, then you will surely be rewarded with Life of Kiki and the more patrons do it the same as you, the more I am obliged to give everything to entertain you all with Kiki!!! So if you think that my work, my commitment and my passion to entertain you are worth a dollar (or even more) then don't hesitate and become my PATRON...
And if you haven't been able to get to know Kiki yet, you can find here the links for the free version of Life of Kiki v0.01...

Have fun, your echidna!!!

current Update progress status:
v0.03 (Day3)

Planned Scenes: 16
Finished: 10/16
Artworks: scenes 42 / sprites 11
Text & Coding: 54.5 %
updated: 20.01.19


$9.65 of $1,000 per month
If I really reach $1000 per month, then you like my game and I like to invest more time to continue Life of Kiki.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 30 exclusive posts

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