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About Echo Studios


I'm Bruno, the founder and project manager of Echo Studios, a game-making team established in April 2019.
We're a lean, mean, game-making machine, and are dedicated to releasing unique, high-quality games on many different platforms. 
Currently, we're working on two games, named Enlighten, and Farlands.

Enlighten is a 2D level-based platformer game available on mobile. You are a small, glowing character made of gems, and your job is to reach the end of a puzzling system of platforms, obstacles and more! With multiple map designs and many levels, Enlighten is a perfect time-passer for keeping you entertained with its innovative gameplay.

Farlands is a real-time strategy game in which a player creates and customises an army, and then dukes it out against an opponent. The game is set in a fantastic realm of dragons, wyverns, and more! With a beautiful low-poly art style, Farlands will stand out amongst other RTS games. It will be available on both PC & Mobile.

By becoming a Patron, you'd be supporting Echo as a team to continue doing what we love. Thank you very much for reading this, and a special thanks if you become a Patron.

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