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I swear you were just there and when I looked again you were gone!  No worries, you're still an unforgettable anomaly to witness-how lucky I am! This tier will get you a one time thank you message from me. 

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Aren't we mysterious? Like all the rest of the phenomenal phenomena present in these tiers-there are naysayers out there claiming you don't exist! Not true! Don't let that get you down! I believe in you! This tier will get you a monthly thank you message from me.

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Greetings interstellar traveler! Thanks for stopping by during your trip through the stars! Hopefully earth will become a routine stop for you-ideally in a non-threatening, very summer vacation kind of way! But hey-you do you! This tier will get you a monthly thank you message from me and your name posted at the end of each video.




Hi! I'm Kelly and I just started a YouTube channel called Eclectic Entries!
It'd be fantastic if you'd support me in this endeavor to provide you with eclectic content! 

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