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School Support
per month
Sponsoring this role you're helping a less advantaged school to participate in our Zero Waste programme. This means that hundred of students will gain access to environmental awareness, enjoy a cleaner environment, and enjoy building an EcoBrick structure of value within their campus.
Raised Vegetable Garden
per month
Sponsoring this role for 12 months will enable a raised EcoBrick vegetable garden bed to be built within one of our project communities. This includes the use of 300 EcoBricks (150 kilograms of plastic waste) and will provide fresh vegetables to a family of 4.
School Construction
per month
Sponsoring this role will enable construction to take place within one of our project communities. This will include the use of 1000 EcoBricks, will create an income opportunity from one of our trained artisans, and will enable the participating school to participate in our Spark My School zero waste to landfill programme.




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About EcoBrick Exchange

My name is Ian Dommisse and I'm an architect South Africa currently managing the EcoBrick Exchange _ a social enterprise which protects the environment from plastic waste whilst supporting early childhood development. It does this by facilitating training programmes which equip communities to turn waste into structures of value. EcoBricks are plastic bottles stuffed tightly with unrecyclable plastic. They can be used to create high quality preschools or they can be exchanged for resources which support early childhood development. Together, we strive for a future to be proud of.

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