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About Mikael Karlsson - Ecoforestry

ReGreening Earth   - It´s possible! 


When I started to work in the forest - more the 25 years ago - I realized that standard forestry often replaced natural forest with plantations.

A forest is a vibrant mix of, trees of different ages, sizes, and species. A plantation is a land area with trees in mainly one age, one size and one species, where the diversity of a natural forest is virtually nonexistent.

When we cut down too many natural forests and replace them with tree-plantations.Wildlife disappears. Today there is less than 20% virtue forest left in the world. In Sweden less than 1%. This is one of the main cause of the ongoing species extinction. It also exacerbates the climate crisis. And we are still converting natural forest to clear-cuts and plantations. This has to stop. It's time for a new Global Forest practice.

The world needs Great visions - Founded in science and practical examples.

ReGreening Earth 

Preserve what's left - Restore what's lost

Welcome to #ProjectReGreening

Trees, Carbon & NatureTrees suck carbon from the atmosphere to build timber. When a degraded ecosystem is restored, carbon is captured, wildlife returns and water conditions are enhanced.

A way forward
Ecoforestry plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable world. Ecoforestry can preserve nature, rewild plantations and reverse deforestation.

Ecoforestry works hand in hand with nature, using the local ecosystem as a guide and role model. Instead of clear-cuts and plantations, Ecoforestry uses selective cutting and natural regeneration. Ecoforestry produces timber and protects nature - at the same time.

NOTE: Ecoforestry IS NOT a replacement for protection. Ecoforestry is a way to bring nature back in the production forest, to protect and restore nature outside national parks.

Ecoforestry can preserve nature, rewild plantations and reverse deforestation. AND producing timber - all at the same time.

From an Economical perspective, Ecoforestry is good.
From a Biodiversity perspective, it is great.
From a climate perspective, it's sensational.

Through a transition from industrial forestry to Ecoforestry, in combination with reforestation, it's possible to store an additional +25 billion ton CO2 per year. That equals nearly half of all human-caused carbon emission in the world.

There are tons to say about it. I have written a book and started a Foundation as a platform to carry out this message.

Now it´s time to translate the book to other languages. An English version will be first. Then fill my YouTube channel with content; information, knowledge, lectures, and examples.

I´m looking so much forward in sharing this with you, your community and then - together we will spread this knowledge around the world and create a green future.

I'm looking forward to your feedback and participation!

Together we shape the future

Sincerely yours

Yours Mikael Karlsson
Sweden, Sörmland

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