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is creating Connection to our lands by intimately learning about nature.
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-Native Plant Restoration Techniques

-Plant Propagation Techniques

-Behind the scenes: Greenhouse operations

-Soil Recipes

-Micro-life Inoculation Techniques

-Traditional and Cultural Plant Use

-Wildlife Enhancement Strategies

-Tree Planting Strategies

-How to Access and Interpret Soil Maps 



About Eco-Logic Solutions

        We are a small team of dedicated professionals from the field of Forestry and Natural Resources Management. It is our objective to meet the land management objectives of landowners and stakeholders while finding ways to strengthen our connection to the lands which we inhabit.

        By supporting us you are contributing to a broader objective of landscape-scale ecological rehabilitation, of which your piece of land will play a prominent role. We create videos to show how you can work with your land to generate a healthy ecosystem for plants, animals, fungi, soil, and insects (pollinators!). We also will provide information on plant ID, traditional plant use, healthy soil dynamics, and DIY videos as we build our company!

In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.
-John Muir-
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Build a community of people to share knowledge and strenghten the resillency of their land. 
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