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Singer-songwriter, vlogger, human. Collector of unnecessary paperwork.


London, UK

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Last year I released an album.

When the album came out, I resolved to make as many music videos for it as I could, to promote the album and explore the songs in a new context. I made one video, and hit a stumbling block: if I want the quality of the videos to match the step up in production that came with this album, I need to pay for locations, hire actors and directors, source props... the list goes on.

By supporting me on patreon you will enable me to realise these videos as best as I can, and allow me to make music videos for every song that warrants it - I've released nearly 30 original songs, and uploaded only 7 music videos! Let's fix that.

My aim is to upload at most 1 music video per month. You can alter your pledged amount at any time.

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