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Eddie Cohn

a podcast, new music and a book.

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About Eddie Cohn

if you listen to my podcast, you probably know how much I LOVE to create in multiple mediums. I began playing the piano when I was just three years old and from there, I taught myself how to play the drums, sing, play the guitar and produce records. I've been hooked on music and the creative process ever since and went on to record three albums and I'm in the process of recording two new albums as we speak. 

I'm a musician, a singer/songwriter, a DJ, a yoga teacher and this past year, I finished writing my first book which I'm currently trying to publish. I also created a podcast where I talk about the impact tech and social media have had on our culture and how we communicate and create. I've recorded over 140 episodes with some remarkable guests including Jimmy Gneccofrom the band OURS, the band Geographer, DJ Aaron Byrd from KCRW, trainer and health coach, Jen Wiederstrom, and Joey Peters from the band Grant Lee Buffalo. The podcast along with all of my other creative pursuits are my therapy. They're passion projects and I couldn't imagine living a day without any of them. 

I was talking with my friend Rony this past week and we were talking about the "value" of art and creativity. We have a multitude of options; Netflix, Spotify, Amazon and Disney + but in a way, I've wondered if they're all diluting the value of the arts and the creative process. This past week, I got a DM from a friend of mine who told me how much she appreciated my "content." She told me how much she looked forward to reading my posts and listening to my podcasts and she couldn't believe I wasn't a famous podcaster. HA. I'm certainly not doing any of this for "fame", but she made me realize that if what I do does bring value, then to truly reach my creative goals, it's time to ask for a little support from you, my listeners. 

I felt like it was time to create a Patreon where my listeners and fans not only get to support my creative endeavors but will also be rewarded with unique and exclusive content that is only available to a select community of "subscribers." The truth is, writing a book, recording albums and a podcast takes an inordinate amount of time and hard work and I began to ask myself, if what I do truly brings you more joy and value, would you be open to supporting my process? If so, then I could spend even more time pursuing my craft and take my passion for songwriting, singing, writing and podcasting to the next level.

I think I'm only scratching the surface of my potential as a creator so I'm hoping this Patreon can help me grow my platform to an even larger scale. The show and my music will still retain the intimate and personal quality at its core because it'll always come from my heart. Nothing will change except now I can offer my community even more special content. This Patreon and your support will help me more than you can ever imagine. I hope you find value in what I'm creating and consider supporting me as I continue to dive deeper into my creative spirit. 

Much love, 


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