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About E.D.E. Bell

I am Emily (she or e, Mx. Bell if you're...so inclined), a quiet fantasy writer and small press editor, and this Patreon provides a little back-stage community for us to get to know each other better and support my work. Your support means a lot to me and to my family - I left a financially stable career for a knot of reasons involving disability, values, and abuse - and am trying now to contribute to society through writing and publishing thoughtful art. I bring my own perspectives of compassion, connectedness, and veganism to my writing, as well as my own anxiety disorders and cptsd, and I hope you will enjoy what I create.

This page was reset in December 2021, with all previous posts deleted, to make way for our exciting new journey together. On the 1st of each month for 25 months, we will follow the adventures of Chad, Bart's robot friend from Future Town, as xe searches for family and adventure. I hope you enjoy it!

Just Chad will complete a duology with 2021's Just Bart: https://atthisarts.com/product/just-bart/ - you can read Bart first, simultaneously, later, whatever. Chill stuff.

And I'll also pop in with updates and little stories, which I hope you'll enjoy.

While I am placing all content at $1 to make it accessible to supporters on different budgets, if you appreciate what I do and have the means -- higher pledges are greatly appreciated. Yet, and this is important: don't ever feel bad about unsubscribing or reducing your pledge. No need to explain. It's no fun if it's stressful. : D And thank you for being here! This community means a lot to me. ♥
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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