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  • MP3 Download of all my tracks published on YouTube one day before release
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About Edelbird Productions


Since you came here, you probably already know that I love sharing my (mostly) orchestral compositions and recreations with you guys on social media. And I suppose you also enjoy listening to this kind of music yourself.

Why I'm on Patreon:

Producing music the way I do does not come without a cost and I truly wish to be able to invest even more time and money in stepping up my game as a composer, as well as learning to work more efficiently, so you can be provided with more frequent music uploads. 

Please note that I will keep uploading music, no matter what. However, Patreon is a way you guys can have a positive impact on the growth of artists you truly believe in.

How does it work:

  • You choose the amount of your pledge.
  • Pledges are collected every 1st of the month*.
  • After pledging, you'll get access to exclusive content as a 'thank you'.
  • If you want to delete your pledge for any reason, feel free to do so at any time.

*Your first pledge will be collected the day you become a patron. After that it's every 1st of the month.

Where your money goes:

The money from your pledges will allow me to invest in:
  • music production courses which will help to speed up my producing process and let me provide you with higher quality music and more frequent uploads.
  • new sound libraries / plugins (again: higher quality music).
  • studio gear (again: faster producing process and higher quality music).
  • a distributing service to license my music projects.
  • cloud storage to grant you access to even more downloadable content.

I'm truly thankful for every little bit of support you guys offer!

Best regards,
Eddie aka Edelbird
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 112 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 112 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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