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About Ed Harrison

For a while now, I have been working on what I have come to call 'the 0edit project'. This is essentially a series of releases rooted in the original Neotokyo OST sessions, but also branching out in some different directions and showing my musical journey over the decade after its release.

Those Neotokyo sessions were my first foray into electronic music, and I explored many different directions, some of which weren't quite right for Neotokyo in my view at the time (even if I liked them), and some that I was simply not yet skilled enough to bring to fruition. There are certainly many janky sketches left on the cutting room floor for good reason, but I didn't want to throw away the good ones, so over the years I have chipped away at them, with album concepts in mind, along side writing new tracks for the releases as well.

There are well over 100 tracks in the works in this collection spanning 8 different album releases (not even including the original Neotokyo or its spin-off releases such as Neotokyo: Appendix & Neotokyo Remixed). Thousands of hours have already gone into bringing this body of work to completion.

Here's the list of releases that fall within the 0edit project:

  • Neotokyo (2009 - released)
    • Neotokyo: Appendix (released)
    • Neotokyo Remixed 01 (released)
    • Neotokyo Remixed 02 (releasing very soon)
  • 0edit (2018 - released under artist name 0edit on streaming platforms)
  • TGR Fuel (2019 - released)
  • Valley (working title)
  • Diorthosis (working title)
  • Chroma (working title)
  • Orgaloper (working title)
  • Membrane (working title)
  • Neotokyo OST REDUX

Since I have experienced such an upgrade in my mixing skills and process in the last year, I feel it necessary to remix both the 0edit and TGR Fuel albums so that the entire series will sound good together. I now have a much better mixing process and setup and am getting better results, so I feel this is worthwhile.

While it can be hard to estimate, here is a conservative estimate of how far along each release is:

75%+ done - Valley album, Diorthosis album, 0edit remaster
60%+ done - Chroma album
50%+ done - Orgaloper album
35%+ done - TGR Fuel remaster, Neotokyo OST REDUX
25%+ done - Membrane album

To be honest, some of them are further along than that, but I don't want to over-hype or over-promise. I'd prefer to over-deliver :)

The tracks on Neotokyo: Appendix were mostly sketches that didn't make the cut into this collection (with a few exceptions), but which gave some insight into my early exploration and process when composing for Neotokyo.

What is the Neotokyo OST REDUX? It's not a remastered version of the original Neotokyo OST, though that is what it started as. It's an alternate version that explores what I might have done with those tracks without the limitations I had over a decade ago. Many tracks are very true to the originals, but with upgrades (more live parts, much better mixing, etc), while others are re-interpretations that take the track somewhere a bit different. All of them are getting the same level of treatment that my new tracks\albums get.

This project is a labor of love for me, but it is also a lot of work, so other work and survival needs have limited the pace of my progress a lot. Support I receive via bandcamp and streaming revenue (primarily from Spotify) help to keep me afloat, and I could not be doing this at all without it (THANK YOU! <3), but my resources are still very limited. Further support will not only allow me to free up additional time for this project, but also open up possibilities such as printing physical copies, and working with more live musicians.

Quite a few people have suggested I start a Patreon... so finally, here I am.

I will periodically share exclusive unheard work-in-progress clips with supporters, and there is also potential for additional content such as videos showing my process. All of my releases will still be available to everyone, and I welcome anyone to listen to my work for free without guilt. This is just here for anyone looking for another way to directly support this ongoing work.

I'm a Patreon n00b, so I will improve things here as I learn. I welcome any feedback anyone has.

Thank you for reading.
Deepest thanks to all the listeners for listening,
and to all the supporters for supporting.

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