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Findomain+ is a plus version of the Findomain tool. It allows you to enumerate and monitor subdomains from a target or list of targets while keeping you informed about the new founds sending the data to Discord, Slack or Telegram (or all). It allows you to automate the process of reconaince in a way that you do not have to waste time doing manual operations (that will not be accurate). Findomain+ is also capable of checking HTTP status, open ports and IP as well as posting they to the above mentioned sources.

With Findomain+ you can also have access to a dedicated monitoring server that is previously configured and will send subdomain alerts to you without need to host or configure anything related to databases, cron jobs, timers and more from your part. Learn more about this here.

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I am a cybersecurity researcher that works in both public and private projects, also I develop cibersecurity tools like Findomain and tor-router or the BlackArch Linux hacking distribution.

Contributing you are not only supporting me but to all the community using my cybersecurity tools and helping me to keep up the work (private and open source projects). Maintaining open source projects is not a easy task and take time, anyways I am developing and releasing most of the tools for free.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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