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About Rene Borg

A more provocative name for this page would be 'how to protect yourself from coaches and other experts and take full responsibiltiy for your own training'. Such a statement requires elaboration so let me begin by introducing myself.

My name is René Borg and for over a decade I have been researching and coaching runners of all levels of ability through distilling the insights, wisdom and experiences of the world's great coaches - historically and currently. Before that life I was a 'high-powered' executive in one of the world's biggest multinationals - overseeing many teams in my time including training and learning the hard lesson that complex information requires clear communication even when it comes to topics we all understand - like running. I intend to bring this experience to bear here to create an army of educated, self-sufficient and independent runners who will instinctively know the next right steps for them in training and who will help raise the standard of running in country's fallen behind past glories by spreading what they have learnt to their peers.

No matter how well you get to know a runner - or any other athlete - you never truly know them as well as they know themselves. I found that to be successful runners must be allowed to outgrow their coach and their teachers and take control of their own training. For several years I thought 'how can I write a book that will distill all I have tried and all I have learned myself from reading hundreds of books into a flexible journey each runner can take from their current starting point to their desired end-point - their goals and aspirations within the sport.

Instead of purely a traditional book 'The Educated Runner' will distill all the important information available about how to train and live in a way that optimises you for the sport of running through this online platform. I will take advantage of this fluent format to present the information in articles, videos, podcasts, eBooks and ensure these are dynamic rather than static. Information about running changes constantly and a book published today will need paragraphs and sections rewritten tomorrow to stay up-to-date. Not every runner needs to learn about the same topic in the same order. Some of you will need to learn about interval training early on while some of you may never need to give it much thought. As your support allows me to create more and more content, you can create an increasingly customised journey for yourself - learning the techniques and methods you need to learn when you need them rather than when the author of a particular running book believes it should be introduced to you.

As this page grows, I intend it to become a haven for civil and non-dogmatic discussion about the many key topics surrounding training runners. Coaches and athletes alike are very passionate about their beliefs in training - and rightly so - and I want to move away from a mentality of 'this training vs. that training' and towards 'how and when do we use this training and for what type of athlete'. Existing paradigms will be constantly challenged rather than allowed to stand in the field like sacred cows beyond repproach - only that way can we keep our 'Educated Runner' informed about the latest. Training theory and practice will never stop developing and moving forward and the content here must constantly push forward.

With your help I hope to achieve the opposite of my day-job of 'coaching athletes' - I want to set you free from coaching and put you firmly back in charge of the key decisions around your own training. I want you to challenge the material here and ask me the hard questions so we can continue to improve it and find gaps where we can say, as a community, 'we are not sure what's going on here, let's go test it in practice' Our travelling companions will be the great coaches of yesteryear now sadly passed away (such as Percy Cerutty and Arthur Lydiard) whose wisdom I will constantly bring back in from my library. As the community grows I will invest resources back into getting interviews, work experience and podcasts with the top coaches on today's frontlines

The hardest and most painful thing anyone can do is to become self-sufficient, independent, self-reliant, a leader and a champion. It is easy to turn to a coach who will write everything down, lay everything down for you, tell you every detail of what to do. These were the words of Percy Cerutty in 1964 and they have never become more relevant. When we fall into the second mindset, we struggle to make a decision without consulting everyone and everything. I hope you will support me in this project so it can become a resource for those who want to make themselves the best they can be through self-sufficiency, independence of thought and having confidence in being a truly 'Educated Runner'.
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