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About eecks

I like to draw and create!

While art/creating is not my predominant source of income, having an online platform to share my creations has become something very important to me and I want to keep creating and sharing my work for as long as I can.

Almost all posts on here will be public so there is no pressure to pledge — you can check from time to time by returning to this URL, or if you have an account, you can just follow using the platform. A donation of any sort would still be greatly appreciated though! Any monetary means would give me more creative freedom and support for any future merchandise I would like to make, as well as help me pay for expenses throughout the year. Please also give me feedback by commenting if you have anything to add!

Because the platform was initially intended to push forward content rather than to archive, this post was created as a MasterPost for anyone who is new or wanted to find a specific post in particular! It will be updated intermittently as more posts get made. 

Thank you so much for all the support! 

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