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Who we are and why we need you

The East European Film Bulletin ( is a collective of young writers working to shed light on the diverse cinemas of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.

Since 2011, our online publication has seen over 90 editions and featured the voices of over 60 authors. Besides highlighting the region's rich cinematic history, we have payed equal attention to new productions, helping to shape the cinematic stories and histories of the future.

Since antiquity, cultural production has had to grapple with financial challenges. For cinema, this has also meant political pressures. As writers reflecting on cinema, we believe in the need for freedom of press and financial independence. We are not-for-profit, ad-free and don't believe in (pay)walls. This is why we depend on the generosity of our readers and supporters to aid us in our efforts to report on the aesthetics and politics of cinema. 

Our mission in detail

Since 2011, the East European Film Bulletin has offered articles, essays, and interviews on Central, Eastern and Southeastern European cinema. Writing at the crossroads of academic and independent research, specialized journalism and essay, the Bulletin has attracted a readership as diverse as its contributors.

Hailing from a wide range of academic fields and backgrounds, the Bulletin values an interdisciplinary approach to film writing. In today’s scholarship, interdisciplinarity most often means expanding research beyond the boundaries of one’s discipline, e.g. film scholars reading philosophy. The Bulletin’s vision, on the other hand, actively encourages scholars outside of academic film studies to engage with cinema, e.g. philosophers watching films. We have featured artists, sociologists, literary and cultural scientists, linguists, philosophers and anthropologists among our contributors.

Past authors have included artists such as Igor Simić, Godfrey Reggio and Miško Šuvaković; eminent scholars such as Beth Holmgren, Mikhail Iampolski, and Ewa Mazierska; and early-career researchers from across the globe, such as Pau Bosch, Greg de Cuir Jr. and Carlos Kong. Over the years we have established lasting partnerships with film festivals and universities in Europe and beyond, in the form of press partnerships, conferences, round-tables and educational projects.

Among our long-lasting festival partners are goEast, Karlovy Vary, TIFF Cluj and Thessaloniki IFF. Institutional partners include the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, Sorbonnes Universités, SciencesPo Paris, OFAJ/DFJW, DAAD and FIPRESCI.

Criticism beyond publishing

Today, many countries of the former Eastern Bloc support functioning film industries. While the establishment of national film centers and European co-production networks have created solid intercultural competences among professionals in the industry, few initiatives exist to encourage similar qualities on the side of the viewers, and particularly among young audiences. To inspire lively and diverse dialogue among young audiences, the East European Film Bulletin regularly organizes educational workshops, seminars, conferences and round-tables. These encounters bring together professionals from the film industry, journalists, researchers and students with the aim of building educated and passionate audiences among young cinema goers.

By the numbers 

10 online editions per year
Over 70 authors
94 online editions so far
More than 300 readers per day
Partnerships with over 10 film festivals on 3 continents

$79.06 of $100 per month
When we reach this goal, we can send one of our contributors to report live from a top tier film festival in Europe (Cannes, Venice, Locarno). This is something we haven't been able to do every year because of high costs.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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