Eevee is creating games, words, and code

Ivysaur — Plans

$2 /mo
Hey, thanks!  Now I can buy two packs of Skittles.

Charmander — Early access

$4 /mo
Get early builds of stuff I'm doing and tell me why it sucks before I inadvertently embarrass myself in front of everyone!  Wow!

Currently: early builds of Star Anise Chroni...


Charizard — My lovely cat

$6 /mo
For your extreme dedication, you my bask in the glory that is three beautiful photos of my cat Anise every month.  Taken with a real DSLR, even, not just my phone.

Caterpie — Bragging rights

$10 /mo
You will experience a deep sense of personal satisfaction and can refer to your support as "in the double digits" when talking about me at parties.

Pidgeotto — Love

$17 /mo
You can pet Anise vicariously through me, because once a month I will pet him while imagining I am your avatar.  All resulting purrs will belong to you.  Treasure them forever.