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About Elizabeth Grattan


My name is Elizabeth Grattan and I've been writing since first learning the letters of the alphabet. My first book titled "The Frog With No Tongue" (yes, really) was written in the second grade and earned me my first trip to The Young Author's Conference and some accolades from across the country. (I had to wear fancy stuff and everything).

I'm a big believer that organic viral beats click bait ledes every single time. I draw from experience, education and a desire to drive difference in the status quo. (No such thing as "both sides" people).

In the last twenty five years, my day job has focused on broadcast content/delivery for radio, while also writing prose and essays for print publications and web. (#1 w/ target demo! Woo Hoo!)

I've started a Patreon to archive some select older pieces and create new compelling content with specific community based goals to help others. (There's a whole evolutionary reason for this, but I digress...)

My work focuses heavily on social justice and my own learning curves as a white woman raising a child (a bit later in life) - in a world that has never been equal. I strive to cover humanity through an intersectional lens, sometimes with great compassion and other times with little patience - or tolerance. Sometimes I tend to give zero f***s and rant and rage. Expect profanity on occasion. (Who am I kidding, I swear a lot, because it's language, duh!)

I also sometimes get more intimate in prose with personal glimpses into the journey shared by myself and my little man, Levi. (He's, like, the best human ever. Ever.) I can't say I'll cover parenting or family or these tiny humans the way you have seen before. (That's good).

If you have been influenced, impacted or inspired by my writings, I ask and thank you for your membership now. (Humbled). And if you haven't yet gotten to know me, select archives of previously published content are available at just a $1 Reward Level so you can read the pieces other people liked and some even decided should go viral. (Honestly, WTF, how did THAT EVEN happen!!!)

I have set goals at this time based around the concept of a community. I want to continue writing and have some basic needs I have to personally meet, but what good is lip service? There has to be something more than just getting paid. I believe that is to give what we can away. (Look at those goals, I'm serious).

I call it Words On A Page For Tangible Change.

Thank you for your support of the Arts! And thank you for your trust in my content! (You are amazing for that, seriously!)

As they say "Keep Writing". That's exactly what I intend to do!



(but you can call me e if you want to)

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Once I’ve reached 200 patrons at the $3 Reward Level, at least 5% of all my proceeds will be donated to support causes with a priority focused on children, families in need and marginalized members of society.
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