Margaret Trauth is creating sci-fi and fantasy comics

$1 /creation
You'll get to see each page the moment I finish it. Plus the occasional extra like WIPs of upcoming pages, high-res versions of super-detailed landscapes, and unglitched looks at deliberately-corru...

$5 /creation
Nothing anyone else isn't getting, besides up to forty bucks leaving your wallet for mine at the end of an especially productive month.

$10 /creation
The same thing the $5 patrons are getting, except with double the amount of money changing hands.

$100 /creation
Twenty times of what the $5 folks are getting! Plus maybe some other perks now and then, contact me privately with things you might like to see and we'll talk; no promises though.

$1,000 /creation
Two hundred times what you could get for $5! Plus maybe if you're paying half my rent for a single page I am arguably Your Bitch or something. Like the $100 level, contact me privately with suggest...