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No more ads, period.
$150 per page
As long as I'm still doing comics, there will be no more ads on any of them - current or completed.
Move to a better-insulated apartment!
$400 per page
At this point, you'll be paying me more every month I draw at least three pages than I pay for the apartment I'm typing this in. I'm gonna keep spending some of my own money as well so I can move to one that's easier to keep warm, which I hope will mean vastly increased winter productivity! Or maybe start renting a second place in LA, New Orleans, or somewhere else sunny and warm.
Hire some minions!
$1,000 per page
This is where I start hiring people to deal with wrangling physical merch, do publicity, be my agent, and all the other stuff that really needs to be done but gets in the way of hiding in my studio and drawing more pages. This number is a total ass pull and will be adjusted once I get around to actually getting quotes from people who do these kinds of things for a living. And hey, if that's you, then drop me a line and let me know!


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New Orleans, LA, USA
Seattle, WA, USA

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Hi! I'm Margaret Trauth, and I make comics.

Right now I'm almost finished Decrypting Rita, a comic about a robot lady who's dragged outside of reality by her ex-boyfriend. She's got to pull herself together before a hive mind can take over the planet.

When I finish it somewhere around fall of 2015, Rita will be about 180 pages of feminist science fiction reality trouble comics. I think it's pretty good; you can go read the whole thing online (for free!) and decide if you agree. If you like it and would like to support me finishing it with your wallet - and maybe even support my next few comics as well - then read on!


I'll post fragments of work-in-progress to Patreon now and then, and I'll be tossing up full pages the moment I finish them rather than having to wait for them to show up on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the main website. Occasionally there will be extras like a desktop-sized copy of a really detailed panel, early unglitched peeks at deliberately-corrupted pages, and so on.

You'll also get all three of the e-books for free, as they become available. Some or all Patreon supporters will probably get mentioned in the back of the next book along with the big Kickstarter backers, I'll figure out the threshold for that later on.

You won't get any side stories or other extras made just for you. Creating this comic is taking a lot of time, and I don't want to delay finishing it any more than I have to - there's a thing I want to say with this story, and then I want to move on to something new.

You might get a discount on books when I run a Kickstarter to print them. Putting my stuff on atoms takes up a lot of money and time, I'm still undecided on this.

Mostly, you'll just get a nice warm feeling from supporting femme-focused casually queer independent comics. I'm told you mostly feel this sensation somewhere around your perineum.


Well, that's up to you. You can choose how much you give me per page - from a few cents to thousands of dollars - and at the end of the month you'll be charged based on how many pages I finished.

My official update schedule for Rita is "aim for two pages a week, don't stress if life gets in the way". On good months I'll get around 8-10 pages done; on months full of cons or really complicated pages I finish... less. If you decide to become a patron of my work, you'll be paying a variable amount per month based on how many pages I managed to draw. You can set a maximum amount of money per month as well, in the unlikely event of me getting super productive. And if I don't draw any comics in a month, I'll get zilcho from you.

Patreon has a FAQ that goes into more details on this whole thing.


I'm Margaret Trauth. I'm a fortysomething transwoman. Born in New Orleans in the early 70s, went to Los Angeles for animation school, spent a decade hanging around the periphery of Spümcø, burnt out and moved back home three days before Katrina. Nowadays I live in Seattle, where I get regular cuddles from my ex-with-benefits. My hair hasn't been its natural color since 2003; I have UV-reactive dragon wings tattooed on the backs of my arms, and I'm pretty much incapable of staying sane in anything resembling a "real" job.

I make comics that reflect who I am and the people I know and love.


The Culture.


Well, right now, I inherited enough to not have to work for several years if I live sensibly, which is allowing me to dedicate all my time to a resolutely personal project like this. I've been incredibly lucky. So I won't be able to say "I'll quit doing commissions and treat Rita like a full-time job" because I kinda already do. But I'd like to keep on doing this kind of thing long after that money runs out. I'd also like to start building the support staff I need to not worry about anything besides drawing the next page of whatever I'm working on at the moment. Shipping print books, trying to figure out how to promote my work, buying ads, sending out review copies, trying to get my stuff into comic shops, getting it into e-reader formats, all of these take time away from making the comics.

I'll also probably blow some of your money on books and games now and then. Gotta feed my mind some new ideas to turn into the next comic, after all.

And if this goes really well, maybe I'll get to be the first cartoonist to say "Patreon bought me a vagina". I don't think I'll post photos of that here though.


A vacation! Then I'll split my time between two projects: returning to Five Glasses of Absinthe [NSFW], an adult fantasy about a thief with a score too big to sell and an even bigger ego, and beginning The Drowning City, a dark urban fantasy about a girl turning into a monster while New Orleans is invaded by elves. I'll let you know when I'm going to start switching over, and give you a sneak peek at development drawings, early pages, and more to give you a fair chance to decide if you want to keep supporting me as I move into drastically different styles and narratives.

If you like my work but can't spare a few cents a month, that's cool too. You can still read it online for free without guilt. It'd be nice if you'd tell your friends about it, blog about it, nominate it for awards, or otherwise give it a little free publicity - word of mouth is worth a lot now that everyone is drowning in cheap entertainment.

If you've read this far, let me close with links to my work. Thanks for your time!

Decrypting Rita - sf, in progress.
Five Glasses of Absinthe [NSFW] - sexy prog rock fantasy, on hiatus.
The Tarot of the Silicon Dawn - not a comic. 99 cards, hidden imagery, fully equipped to give you the finger.
My web site - contains all of the above, and more.

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