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Welcome to my Patreon!

I’m LB, a freelance illustrator and concept artist - you may have seen me in and around other parts of the internet, including DeviantArt and Twitter. I’ve been posting my art online for quite some time now, and am working on making it my full-time career. I tend to specialize in surreal, animal-based artwork, with monster making being a huge passion of mine.
I create a LOT of drawings during my artistic process, as well as take progress shots of paintings and large illustrations - I felt Patreon would be an excellent place to share them!

What do I get for subscribing?

My undying love and gratitude! But in all seriousness, I made this page to function a bit more like a tip jar than anything. I’m not looking to place all my art behind a massive paywall - it will still be available on other sites, but posts on this Patreon will feature a more in-depth, deep-dive look into how I make my artwork. Additionally, supporting this page means I can spend less time at my other jobs, and more time creating the art you want to see! Certain tiers will be able to suggest subjects for me to draw, ask questions about my process, and even receive original art from yours truly.

Proceeds from this page will go to helping me pay off my student loans, as well as life expenses such as rent and food.

$7 of $150 per Update
Reaching this goal will allow me to start posting more in-depth work to this Patreon, including tutorials and doing critique streams! I'll also be able to afford more traditional media art supplies, and can share more of my process and knowledge of painting and colored pencil work.
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