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A Tabletop Generator Unlike Any Other

Eigengrau's Generator procedurally generates towns that are ready out-of-the-box to read to players, complete with sociopolitics, descriptions, and those little touches of creativity that separate a hand-crafted tavern from the drudgery of improvising your umpteenth tavern on the spot. Spend less time preparing inconsequential set-pieces, and more time on the stuff that really matters- Eigengrau's Generator can generate enough breathing room to roll up your next encounter. With 17 different building types, NPC personality and backstory generation, and plot hooks, there's enough detail for even the most curious of players.

Descriptions with continuity and logic that sound natural.

Eigengrau's Generator has been built from the ground up to augment (not replace!) a DM's own work. Through open source contributions and over a year of full-time development, the Generator has developed sophisticated systems that generate a cohesive town that can be inserted into any magical fantasy setting.

Emergent storytelling through narrative-focused design.

Eigengrau's Generator procedurally generates towns from the ground up, with the biome impacting types of building material that are available, a town's wealth and population changing what establishments are featured, and sociopolitics and economic modeling influencing the types of people that inhabit the town. The generator features full NPC relationship trees, including cross-linking, employees, debtors, friends, family, co-workers, drinking buddies, and secret crushes!

Economic Modelling For Realistic Towns

Using occupations taken directly from 16th century Parisian tax records, Eigengrau's Generator models social class, professions befitting the class, and just how many luthiers a village of 500 can support (hint: none). Collaborations with Board Enterprises of the seminal "Grain Into Gold" supplement sees merchants stocked with items priced fitting to a fantasy realm.
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At $75/month, I will create a campaign to run inside the Generator, which will hand-hold totally new DMs through every step of a thrilling game suitable for 2-5 level one players. 
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