is creating a podcast about H.O.T friendships (humble, open & transparent)
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About eight/SEVEN

Hi friends!
We're Mary and Michaela, affectionally known as M&M, and we're the co-founders of eight/SEVEN! We're about cultivating friendships and going deep, like "we're really going there" deep. It's time for our relationships to LOOK REAL and GET REAL. It's great to be loved, it's profound to be understood. Friends, join us as we take our friendships to the next level. Join us as we get H.O.T - humble, open, & transparent.

We love all the support we get from our eight/SEVEN community! We wish we could take all the likes, hearts, reposts, and your amazing hugs and turn them into gold. Wouldn't that be awesome, and heck wouldn't we all be a little bit richer?!! Though support comes in many different forms, we know we can't live or operate off of double taps and virtual hugs. We also need the help from our presidential friends Washington, Lincoln, Hamilton, Jackson, and Franklin! It takes a little moolah for us to bring H.O.T. podcasts (and more) so we don't turn into a H.O.T.mess (with less)!

Because we're all friends, here's us being H.O.T.  
Two reasons why we need your help!

1. Content is coming, and we'll WORK HARD to keep it something that you find value in podcast after podcast. The financial support would help us bring great content, guest speakers, and a little justification to our work, wink! Oh and little Malin (Michaela's daughter) and Bryan (Mary's husband) would love to see that their ladies are bringing home a little bacon (maybe two pieces instead of one)! :)

2. We know there are a lot of incredibly generous people! So if you feel so inclined with your generosity, we want to say thank you and show our appreciation through a few exclusive benefits!
Mary's not too big to beg and Michaela's not too sweet to refuse help! Nope, we welcome all the support we can get! There’s never too much help when a vision for a global movement is involved. That’s why we choose to be joyful and grateful as we strive to bring more, give more, produce more, and generate more for those who bring additional value to our community! Here’s our thank you in return, it may not be much, but it’s a little somethan-somethan to show our sincerest appreciation!

Friend… Best friend… Vital Friend… Family…
We are all one big community!
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