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Creating Science Fiction comics readable by blind and seeing

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You are here because you love comics and the promise of Reckoning in terms of 3D awesomeness and full accessibility for the visually impaired. This Universal Tier - pay what you want tier starts at 1 USD, you may choose a higher pledge. For this pledge, I offer no tangible reward other than you making it possible for me to complete the production of the first 6 chapters of Reckoning. (There are 5 storyboard albums in total created for this phase). Notice this is not to be seen as a purchase, nor is this a financial collection effort, pledging to the project is to be seen as you taking it upon yourself to become a Patron of the arts.

I have a full no questions asked refund policy if you are not satisfied with the comic-book project after one year of Patronage (please see the description on the main page for the full details).

As a little bonus I have decided to offer my other comicbook Implant! to new Patrons. So there is a comic in it as soon as you become a Patron!!!

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About Einar Petersen

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Welcome to the most awe-inspiring project in SciFi and comic books today.

This is where Reckoning is happening!!!

The Reckoning project aims at making a 5 album science fiction comic-book series that is also fully readable for the blind both offline as well as online.

How can this be achieved?

Offline 3D Printable models shaped into relief like pages and accompanying braille pages mass-produced via laser engraving/laser cutting and vacuum formed pages over 3D printed panels.

In addition to the above, a regular comic book series is being produced, but that is not all. Remember, there was a mention of online accessibility for the blind as well?

The 3D version of the comic will, according to plan, enable blind to go online, visit the comic-book page, select an album, and then zip around on pages by hopping between panels and zooming around inside each of the panels while feeling everything with their hands. This will be made possible using Haptic feedback gloves like the ones offered by HaptX.

Using such a glove, anyone will be able to feel models both in their actual panel size as well as providing an option for scaling up models to a level where you can feel individual nuts and bolts according to the detail level of the models.

The 3D models produced for the series so far number more than fifty, and several are already released for free under CC license allowing for printing on 3D printers, and more are forthcoming as the project moves along.

A World first?

The Patreon features the production of not only 3D graphics but also 3D Printable models and tactile pages, making Reckoning accessible to the visually impaired, making this, probably the world's first fully accessible comic-book SciFi series featuring 3D printable models.

How many SciFi series do you know that will be fully accessible?

How many sci-fi comic book series provide fan printable merchandise for free?

Yup, you got it!

Reckoning should be your new favorite science fiction series, and it does all this and aims for more!!!

The Future

Production of rudimentary 3D poses for panels has begun using a motion-capture suit from the Danish team Rokoko who ran the successful SALTO Kickstarter.

This means as the project progresses, if things go as expected, we'll end up with everything needed for turning the whole series into a series of 3D cartoons as well.

Things are already well on the way. Storybooks for parts 1-6 are done; each is like a small semi self-contained album, with the only difference that parts 1 & 2 from my web series have been contracted into one album.

The Creation process

If you have not watched the awesome storyboard creation video below to see how storyboard pages are created, I certainly encourage you to use the 3 minutes it takes to get a feel for what is happening.

The video depicts a scene from Operation Vermin and depicts scenes from the battlefield as a protagonist fights his way to a rescue ship and discussions in a ready room.

If you are visually impaired, I suggest you check the video anyway, even if there is no commentary and only music as it features some neat music setting the mood for the story.


The Team

The work on Reckoning is happening in collaboration with a lot of different people, artists, 3D modelers, and programmers, from countries like the Faroe Islands, Denmark, England, Argentina, Germany, China, USA, Romania, Bangladesh, Singapore, Mexico and I imagine many more will join.

The efforts being put into Reckoning are made by a truly international team just like the members of the protagonist organization TDF it is a truly multicultural with me as a central nexus as a writer, director "actor"/artist kind of personage.

If you can believe it, I was even lucky enough to have gotten the thumbs up from a military advisor (who remains anonymous at this time), for the realism with which battle has been described in several chapters - Now that is Pretty Awesome !!!

The Story

Reckoning is a science fiction story of suspense, conspiracy, and heroism, sprinkled with high technology, alien species, grand combat, and stealthy intrigue. Reckoning is a story seething with corruption and greed all in need to be circumnavigated by our band of brave protagonists of the Terran Defense Force.

The Military Industrial Complex, The Security Consortium, and the NWO all play their part in this high paced sci-fi adventure. The setting spans the entire globe and then some.... going shall we say all the way to the outskirts of the known, as well as the unknown universe.

What do you, as a Patron, get out of this?

Since this Patreon page is intended as a showcase for the 3D Reckoning comic book project, by becoming a Patron of it, I feel it is my duty to remind you that you are not purchasing any product, nor any service from me. You are basically subscribing to a digital SciFi news magazine.

Through the posts on this page, you will be able to follow the work on this fully accessible 3D comic book.

You actually do not have to make any pledges in order to follow what is going on, no sale of any product or service needs to be perceived through you supporting this Patreon.

With digital magazines being exempt from VAT in many member states of the EU in principle you should not be required to pay VAT - However, the platform does not yet provide an option for me listing myself as a digital publication entity so Patreon will likely ask for VAT/sales tax from you.

Becoming a Patreon is simply you stating that you believe comic books should be accessible to as many people as possible.

As a Patron, you will, however, get early access to posts, so if you want to be in the know, you should sign up!

What is produced so far?

I think it fair that you also get a glimpse of the storyboards without having to dig too far into the Patreon - So here is an example of a rough storyboard of part 5.

[Image caption: Storyboard animation GIF of Chapter 5 Operation Vermin]

I suggest if you are visually impaired, you go to my website and read Chapter 5 Operation Vermin until such time that the tactile pages are available in order for you to get an impression of what is depicted in the storyboard animation above. It is my hope to soon be able to send out demonstration pages to interested parties so they can get a better feel for what i am trying to achieve.

Get onboard!

I would like to invite you to join the utterly awesome crew of Patrons and people already helping to make Reckoning a huge success, and maybe this little gift might tickle your interest.

A free comic book for you!

If you decide to get behind this Patreon, I will gift you a copy of my latest copy Implant! While it is not yet fully accessible for the visually impaired or blind, the methods developed through the Reckoning project are laying the groundwork for making this comic-book accessible as well, and it may actually end up as a showcase for the idea and concept of 3D printed comics as well.

Money-back guarantee!

Considering a Patronage? Well, since this is about your money, how about this guarantee?

To alleviate any fears of making a "bad judgment" in regards to my creativity, I would like to offer you a full, no questions asked money-back guarantee!

If you do not like what is happening here and you have been a Patron for 12 consecutive months, you cancel your Patronage before Patreon's 13'th billing cycle and ask me for a refund.

Simple as that! - I will facilitate a full refund ASAP after that.

I am even offering a cyclical renewal of the money-back guarantee to roll a year a the time so that for each new 12-month billing cycle, you have an opportunity to continue to give the project a thumbs up or ask a refund.

I really hope you like what you have seen and read so far about what for me put quite mildly is an amazing project and that you would like to follow along with us on this fantastic journey, as we expand upon the Reckoning universe and the great promise thereof.

Even if you can't afford to pitch in financially, help to spread the word.

A tweet or a post on social media is virtually free of charge and means the world to the project.

So pitch in today in whatever way you can and turn Reckoning into the blazing success it deserves to be!

All the best

Einar Petersen

Project introduction in other languages

Japanese - https://einarpetersen.com/doku.php?id=reckoning_pa...

Chinese - Coming

Faroese - Coiming

Danish - Coming
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 64 exclusive posts

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